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At Nightfall, the Goldfish


At Nightfall, the Goldfish is an experimental interactive story, exploring the new possibility of computational technologies to present nonlinear narratives. Readers are granted complete freedom to determine the reading order and to interpret the content.

This writing applies a first-person narrative for each character, telling their life experience. Each chapter is closely intertwined with another. Various narrative strategies, such as maze narrative, circular method, and leaping strategy, are employed to construct a surreal plot with absurd details and entangled interlinks. The interface utilizes a shader based on a jQuery Ripples plugin, creating the illusion of water waves. This work tries to break the limitation of the online reading experience through interaction, vision and stimulation of a tactile sense.

Digital Literature /

Writing, Website, JS,



SOUNDTEXT - Skuc Gallery - Exhibition

New Media Writing Prize - Writing Magazine Student Award



The New River, Spring Issue - Publication

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