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2020 ~ 2021

School days memory.

未命名作品 10.png


MOBULAZE is a kinect puzzle game. This game invites the player to act as a mobula ray, using the flying gesture to leave the maze and rescue the small fish, applying the appropriate facial expression and speech.



Critic is an interactive painting, based on the famous Mona Lisa. It talks to the viewers and has certain interactions followed by the audience's movements. This Mona Lisa talks about how people with power critique her through the time.



(*Monster Archaeology)

This project is about the archaeology of several famous traditional Chinese monsters in ancient books. According to different books in separated eras, compared to today’s appearance, some monsters has a continuous transformation. The endless space between resemblance and how the model of power-knowledge works inside are discussed.

Last Dialogue

Last Dialogue is a project about a narrative fantasy of communing with the universe. The main part of the project analyses the theory of Heat Death of the Universe. Simulation and visualization are utilized for presenting the concepts, data and social influence. The analysis is displayed in an interactive website, within the text-animation-sound format.

Black Box

Named Black Box, this small installation is a box with a lock and secret codes, hiding all the dead but unforgettable past. Some precious memories may be only remembered by one person and others cannot understand. These memories are like the data inside the black box, secretly recording the truth, the emotion and the past. 


Interstellar  is   an   installation   created   in   VR.   The   artist  extends   the  2D   traditional  oil  painting  to  3D, creating   a   new   space   experience.  The audience changes from the viewer to the people living in the painting.


Interactive Installation / 2020

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