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Individual Study

2021 Fall


The Nonexistent  Work (ongoing)
Code / Literature

The Nonexistent Work is an interactive digital story, exploring the boundary between the unreal world and reality. The original writing involves several different versions of a single fictional plot. The interaction invites the user to provide and find evidence for the original writing from the real world to reconstruct the definition of the unreal and the real. With the growing visits to the website, more evidence will be collected as a detective wall, and more stories will be revealed through the progress. There is no specific order to read the story, and fragmented pieces are hidden in the evidence, which encourages the user to develop and form their narratives based on the origin.

Screenshot 2021-12-23 at 3.24.50 PM.png
Progress (ongoing)
Design Prob:
  • user motivation (goal/reward)
  • uploaded evidence relevance (provide hint & verification - connections with the former evidence / proper distribution of the sentences)
  • Click effect for texts
  • Drag & click conflict
  • Transitions Animation
  • Sound effect - Distributed with fragmented sentences, play simultaneously with different amplitude according to the mouse position (voice from different people?)
  • https-http block problem
Cloud (practice)
three.js & speech recognition  & get & post


It's vital to ensure every element and each step of design have meaning and relevance between each other. The choice of a dataset is as same important as visualization. Big datasets might be more difficult to tackle and include more randomness. It's better to start with a small and particular dataset.

And don't rush to a larger project since you don't have enough knowledge for now, and it takes more time on preparatory work. Meaning and Uniqueness are important but don't jump too much, start with skills and techniques.

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